Idea Roundup, Part 1

Today I have been looking around at various children’s library websites to see what interesting ideas are out there – for spaces, programs, early literacy promotion, and more. I want to round up my ideas and observations here.

An Interactive Presentation on Children and Literacy


(image: screenshot from the Prezi linked below)

Here’s a cool Prezi presentation that walks through some of the brain research regarding early learning and development in children, specifically incorporating literacy ideas. This would be a great presentation to share on our website or on social media, because it’s a bright, interesting, interactive presentation and easy for parents to view at their own pace.

Prezi doesn’t play nice with wordpress, so here’s the link: Early Literacy & You

Queens Library Children’s Discovery Center

I’ve been looking at the Queens Library website – because this is a library with a huge, innovative space and I want to know more.



Look at this bright, light, beautiful space. Notice, too, these interactive stations shown in this picture. These stations include discovery about insects, magnets, mirrors, and other hands-on topics. And now let’s look at a screen shot of a cool feature of the library’s website…


What I love about this is how the library website links a hands-on activity to suggested books that children can look at in the library or check out to further explore an idea. It’s brilliant that the design team has set this up so well – a family can come into the library, explore an interactive station, and then find additional resources for exploration of the theme of that interactive station.

I’m impressed by the continuity between the website and the physical space, and how we could use our web resources to provide additional resources and opportunities for learning around the themes of our storytimes or programs.

Swing Into Stories

Here’s an absurdly simple, really fabulous, super easy idea for getting the word out and engaging the community.


To quote the SFPL website:

The Green Bookmobile is going to play at the park! Movement and play are an important part of growing into a reader. So we’re partnering with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department to bring reading and stories to where young children are movin’ and groovin’ outside. That’s the park, of course.

The Green Bookmobile has a variety of juvenile, teen and adult materials available for check out with an SFPL library card. The mobile library is able to circulate materials, create library cards, and provide the public with information about library services and programs.

Come to the playground and hit the swings with a good book or take some books home to cuddle up with later.

File this one under “Now why didn’t I think of that?” The park, the county rec center, the play area at the mall – all over the community are places people go with their kids. I’ve looked a lot at ways to bring play into the library, but I hadn’t thought of taking the library to places where children are at play. The opportunities for library-community partnership are many.


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