Literacy apps for kids

In my last post, I looked at some of the ways that technology can support literacy learning for children. For this post, I’ve rounded up a variety of apps that I’ve used and enjoyed, and I offer them here for your enjoyment too. This is my shortlist – see the end of this post for links to lots more choices.

Reading Rainbow
This is a favorite app for my family – we gladly paid the subscription fee for a long time because we loved this app so much. (You can check it out and read a smaller selection of books for free though.) This app has fun games, videos just like the old Reading Rainbow videos from the original television series, and lots of books on a variety of topics, which are read aloud while the words appear on the screen. It’s fun, visually interesting, and intuitive to navigate. This is really a story app, but has lots of rich features in it.

BOB Books
This app has simple interactive books for children to read, plus a variety of decoding activities and activities that promote comprehension and word sense. Children look at illustrations and interact with the display, and receive encouraging little animations when they complete an activity. This app has the same look as the little books that children may read, reinforcing the print book with the digital activity.

Endless Alphabet
This app has more than just the basic words – it brings in fun and more advanced words to diversify the child’s vocabulary. Learn words like “juggle” and “stupendous” with adorable animations of each.

Letters A to Z
This is a cute app that links letter knowledge with beginning vocabulary. Each letter has a word and an illustration to go with it that the child can interact with. Tap the frog and it flicks its tongue at you. Simple, engaging, and sweet.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC App
In the inimitable style of Dr. Seuss, children can play with letters and sounds. The child can choose to read the story himself or have the book read to him. Tap a word to hear the word spoken aloud, or tap on the picture for a cute animation.

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